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Welcome to My First Doctor Pediatrics

Elizabeth Anne Smith, M.D. of  My First Doctor Pediatrics is ready to partner with you to support your child's good health. With a new office located in the Summerfield Community, Dr. Smith is available for  well or sick child examinations, as well as new patient appointments.


The friendly team at My First Doctor Pediatrics shares Dr. Smith's commitment to deliver quality, comprehensive pediatric care to protect the wellbeing of the most precious people in your lives.


Dr. Smith, a mother of three, offers her undivided attention when interacting with patients, whether that be in her office or during a phone conversation. Something as common as an upper respiratory infection or ear infection must be differentiated from a serious illness. Therefore, Dr. Smith approaches each patient as one who requires thorough evaluation with a careful physical exam and one-on-one conversations.

To ensure your child is receiving the very best services, Dr. Smith continuously adds to her knowledge and skill sets by being a lifetime student of medicine. Certified with The American Board of Pediatrics since October 1993, Dr. Smith maintains curiosity and continued education about new breakthroughs in medicine by reading journals and attending conferences to stay on the leading-edge of medical advancements. Read Dr. Smith's full bio.


My First Doctor Pediatrics works diligently to make your experience and your child's experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. Dr. Smith is always happy to answer any questions regarding the services offered in her Riverview office.  


Contact the pediatrics team for more information.